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Although Hora lets you retrieve almost any kind of information about an Oracle database, sometimes you might want to refer to a complete document that describes an entire database schema. If you are using a CASE tool, you can use its report functionality. These tools make it easy to produce a lot of printed paper. Nevertheless, documents based on data originating in a design-tool repository may differ from the reality of the database. The KeepTool database documentation utility generates a document that describes the real database structure, because it works directly with the database contents.

The use of the HTML format makes it easy to use the database documentation:

The HTML file format is not dependent on the operating system. You can distribute it to everybody interested in learning about the database structure.

Hyperlinks connect database objects with each other. You can easily browse through the relational database structure by following hyperlinks.

You can integrate the database documentation into the complete system specification. You can use target hyperlinks to view documentation about other database objects referred to by foreign keys, for example.

You can generate database documentation through a batch process. This makes it easy to keep the document up-to-date at all times.

If you need a printable document, simply import the HTML file into your text processor.