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About Reverse DDL Engineer

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If you perform database design using a CASE tool, it will provide you with a DDL script to create the complete database structure. Even if you decide to design a small database without a CASE tool, you might want to have a DDL script too. There could be many other reasons to reverse-engineer DDL statements from an existing database, such as:

A DDL script can easily be checked into a version control system. That makes it easy to keep track of structure changes. The version management of software is then no longer independent of changes of the database structure.

You can compare the structure of two databases with each other. Create DDL scripts from both development and production database and compare them using a source code version control system or a text processing system.

If you plan to move a database from one server to another, it might be a good idea to create an empty database structure on the target machine using a DDL script generated from the source database. You can then import the data into the target database with Oracle's import utility (Parameter IGNORE=YES).