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About SQL Editor

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KeepTool contains uses a powerful, customizable SQL editor that can be accessed as a standalone tool. It is also embedded in certain dialogs within Hora.

The standalone version is accessible through the SqlEditor.exe file in your KeepTool install folder. You can double-click on this file in Windows Explorer, or reach it through Start | Programs | KeepTool11  |SQL Editor. SQL Editor is also available from Hora's Tools menu.

You may wish to associate it with files having a *.sql extension.

The editor features PL/SQL syntax highlighting that gives you a complete overview of your source code. The right-click context menu supports execution of single statements, graphical explain plans, and importation of code snippets for functions and hints. You can use bookmarks for rapid navigation within your code. Also available are various formatting operations, such as the ability to indent and comment out blocks.