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Before starting the Debugger

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First, select one of the following PL/SQL objects to run in debug mode:

A stored procedure or function

A packaged procedure or function

A trigger

You then need a simple anonymous PL/SQL block to call the procedure and provide input parameters. You can generate a call interface framework with Hora. Copy the anonymous PL/SQL block into the Debugger and assign a meaningful value to the input parameters.

To debug a trigger, you must define an INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE statement. The SQL query generator from Hora's SQL page lets you generate the correct syntax. You can also debug triggers that are fired by INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE statements within procedures or functions that are being debugged.

In the process of debugging, you can evaluate and modify local variables of stored objects, but this requires compiling them with the debug option. Use the right-click menu of the Hora Overview Packages, Procedures,Functions and Trigger and choose Compile debug or use SQL (ALTER .... COMPILE DEBUG). For triggers, the COMPILE DEBUG option can be accessed from the Triggers tab of the Tables page, or for database triggers, from the Triggers tab of the Database page.

However, you do not need to compile with the debug option in order to step through code.