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Code Snippets

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On the right side of the code panel, you can find two tabs to simplify developing SQL and PLSQL code:

Data Object Browser

Code Snippets


Whereas the Data Object Browser tab is only visible if a database connection has been established, the Code Snippets tab is always visible.

Code Snippets shows a hierarchical organized structure of topics. Below you can see an optional description of the currently selected topic.

You can drag-drop each leaf node from the tree structure into the code window to copy the topic (i.e. code snippet) to your SQL or PLSQL code.


The content of the code snippets window is filled from a text file CodeSnip.txt that is initially located in %appdata%\KeepTool14\Templates .

The location of the templates directory can be redefined on the "Extras" page of Hora's settings dialog.


The file syntax of the CodeSnip.txt file is as follows:

The hierarchy is defined by the number of leading TAB characters

The description is separated from the topic by another TAB

Each TAB within a topic description is interpreted as a newline command, i.e. the following text appears on the next line.
As an alternative, you can use \n to insert a line break.