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Customizing the editor

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The SQL editor is fully customizable. Customization options may be reached from any code window, by right-clicking on Options. The following four menus then become available:

Editor options

Syntax highlighting

Lexer properties

Key mapping.

Editor Options


You will find that certain options are selected by default. Some of the more useful options are explained below:

Insert Mode

Causes new text to be inserted inside existing text. If insert mode is off, and you type within existing text, characters will be overlaid. You can use the Insert key on the keyboard to override the setting.

Auto indent mode

After text is positioned using multiple tabs, tabbing at the beginning of the following line will align the insertion point below the first visible character of the line above it.

Backspace Unindents

Backspacing before a character at a tab stop moves the text one tab stop to the left. If off, backspacing moves the text one character to the left.

Persistent Blocks

Keeps a block selected, even if you move the cursor out of it

Overwrite Blocks

Replaces a selected block with what is typed next

Copy to clipboard as RTF

Allows copying of selected text with formatting applied

Group undo

When you press Alt + Backspace, undoes all previous editing changes of the same type

Disable Selection

Prevents selecting text with the mouse (should normally be off)

Gutter visible

This option must be selected for line numbers to appear. Gutter width should be at least 20.

Double Click Line

Causes a line that is double-clicked to be selected. Useful for executing a single command.


Syntax highlighting


When you click a syntax item from the list at the left, you can then customize the attributes of that syntax element. Default values are illustrated in the dialog's code window.

Lexer Properties

A lexer scans text with the intent of identifying tokens that will be manipulated according to preset rules. KeepTool's editor makes available different lexers for PL/SQL and Java. The Common tab below shows the file extensions that will treated with the PL/SQL lexer. This lexer will be selected by default in most code windows.


When you click the Styles tab, you will see the default treatment of text by the currently selected lexer. You can then modify the appearance of text elements. In the example below, the Java Builder lexer has been selected from the code window in Hora's Java Source Code tab. In the dialog's code window you can see the effect of selecting red for Java reserved words. (This is the same type of modification that is made available through Syntax Highlighting.):


Key mapping

This dialog lets you map keystroke combinations to specific actions in the Editor. Some options are selected by default. These are often the same as in most Windows applications: