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Data Export Wizard

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The dialog allows you to export the data from the grid into various output formats.

Top and Bottom Section

The top section shows the following input controls:

Export file name

Open the file after export using ShellExecute.

Whether to print file after export.


The Start Export button starts the export.

1.1. Export type - Formats

Her you can select between various destination file formats such as MS Excel, Text and PDF.

1.2. Export type - Options

The page allows you to set a couple of import file related options:

Start with the first or current record

Allow to export an empty data source

Export all rows or current row only

Skip a number of import rows

Restrict the number of rows to be exported

2. Fields

You can select a subset of columns to be exported.

3. Formats

You can export define data formats for different types of data

Integer, Float, Currency

Date, Time, DateTime

Boolean True and False


and separators

Decimal separator

Thousand separator

Data separator

Time separator

Additionally, you can define individual date formats for each number column.

4. Header and Footer

You can define a multi-line header and footer text that will be copied into the output file,

5. Caption and Align

For each export column you can define an individual caption and horizontal alingment.

6. Output format related options

The last page contains options that depend on the selected output format.