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Data Object Bowser

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On the right side of the code panel, you can find two tabs to simplify developing SQL and PLSQL code:

Data Object Browser

Code Snippets


The Data Object Browser tab is only visible if a database connection has been established, whereas the Code Snippets tab is always visible.


Organized on 5 tab pages, you can see a list of database objects of appropriate type:







You can expand nodes, to show detail information such as

Table and view columns

Procedures and functions of a package

Parameters of a procedure or function.


You can drag-drop a node into the code window, to automate code generation. Depending on the object type, the following drop operations are available:


oCopy table/view name

oCreate SELECT statement for table/view

oCreate INSERT statement for table/view

oCreate UPDATE statement for table/view

oCreate CURSOR_FOR loop for table/view

Column name

oCopy column name

oCopy column%type clause

oCopy dbms_ouput.put_line statement


oCopy package name


oCopy call interface


oCopy sequence name

oCopy nextval statement

oCopy currval statement