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Code Completion

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This facility is available in Hora's code windows and in the standalone SQL Editor. Its availability is controlled by a check box setting, on the SQL Page tab of the Settings dialog, available through the Extras menu.


Code completion provides a list from the Data Dictionary whose contents depend on what you have typed in. After entering one of the following, you can either type a period, and the list will be generated automatically, or type Ctrl+space (without a following period) to generate the list only when you want it:


If you type:

List provided:

schema name

list of tables, views, sequences, functions, procedures, packages in the schema

table or view name or alias

list of columns

package name

list of functions and procedures


When you double-click on an item in the selection list, it is brought into the code window. No syntax checking is performed.

Here is an example that works because a public synonym exists for the DBMS_UTILITY package:



(If the synonym didn't exist, we could have typed in SYS.DBMS_UTILITY.)