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Code Snippets

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This facility displays pieces of commonly used SQL and PL/SQL code, such as functions and optimizer hints. It is available from Hora's code windows, and also from the standalone SQL Editor. In Hora, it can be found on the Toolbar with the symbol CodeSnip. Once you have loaded the Code Snippets facility, you can double-click the caption bar to alternately maximize or minimize its window.

The upper part of the window contains an outline structure with categories and code snippets in the leaf nodes. Categories are:


Number functions

Character functions returning character values

Character functions returning number values

Date functions

Conversion functions

Miscellaneous single row functions

Object reference functions

Aggregate functions

Optimizer hints

Hints for optimizing approaches and goals

Hints for access methods

Hints for join orders

Hints for join operations

Hints for parallel execution

Additional hints



The bottom window shows a comment for each selected item.

You can drag and drop each SQL syntax item from the tree view into the editor window.

Code snippets may be customized by editing the CodeSnip.txt file in the "Templates" subdirectory of the KeepTool installation directory. The hierarchy of items is shown by indenting each subitem by an additional tab character. Each comment is separated from the item by a tab character. Each item resides on a separate line.