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Arrange columns

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This dialog determines which columns of a table or view are displayed, and the order in which they are displayed. It can be invoked either from the context menu on the Tables | Data Contents sheet, or by clicking on the cell in the extreme upper left of the grid, between the first column heading and the first row marker.


All the columns are displayed with check boxes. Uncheck a box to make a column invisible in the grid.

By default, the columns are displayed in the order in which they were defined in the CREATE statement. By clicking on the Alphabetically button in the lower right corner of the window, you can make the displayed columns appear in alphabetical order.

You can also drag the column names to customize the order in which they appear. It does not matter whether or not a dragged column is currently visible.

It is also possible to locate a column by typing its name on the keyboard.

The underlying grid immediately reflects each change that you make—even before you close the dialog window. Once an item is selected, the grid automatically scrolls to the appropriate column in the visible range.


The Select all and Unselect all buttons make it easy to subsequently check or uncheck individual boxes.