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Select Current Schema

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This ER Diagrammer dialog allows you to set some options before scanning the schema.

The upper box shows the username that is connected to Oracle. You can select any other schema in the Current Schema combo box. Without the required Oracle privileges, you will not be able to see some or all of the objects in other schemas. An edit box shows the number of tables in the table that you are allowed to see. That gives you an idea of whether select privileges on the current schema are generally available.



The bottom part of the dialog offers you the option of including or excluding tables in advance:

You can exclude tables whose names match a LIKE expression. The default setting '%$_%' excludes snapshot, snapshot log and other system tables. However, tables with foreign keys will not be excluded.

ER Diagrammer can include tables from other schemas that contain foreign keys to any other schema, and foreign tables that are referenced from foreign keys in the current schema. You can uncheck the box to restrict the diagram to the current schema's tables.