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Find and Replace

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This is one of the principal functions available from the SQL Editor component that appears on many of Hora's windows that allow editing of code.

Both of the dialogs share several groups of options:

In the Options group, you may choose whether your search should be case sensitive, matches should be performed on whole words only, or whether the specified string is a regular expression, rather than a text string.

The other three boxes govern whether searching should proceed in a forward or backward direction (Direction), the entire window should be searched, or just text that has been selected with the mouse (Scope), and whether searching should begin at the current cursor position, or the top (or bottom) of the window (Origin).




The Replace dialog differs from the Find dialog only in a few respects:

There is a field to entire the string to be used for replacing found text.

The Prompt on Replace option allows...

The Replace All option will automatically replace all occurrences of the found string with the replacement string.

Regular Expressions

Instead of specifying a text string to be searched for, you can specify a regular expression. Here are the principal symbols that may be used and their meanings:



Start of line


End of line


Any character


Zero or more occurrences of the preceding character or expression bounded by {}


One or more occurrences of the preceding character or expression bounded by {}

[ ]

Any one, and only one, of the characters within brackets

[^ ]

(Where the caret is followed by a string:) any character not equal to one of the characters following the caret


A hyphen within brackets means any one character within the range

{ }

Braces group characters or expressions


A backslash preceding a character used to form a regular expression denotes that the following character should be interpreted literally