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Submit a new job or changing an existing job

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This modal dialog lets you submit a new job or change an existing database job.

To run jobs in an Oracle database, the JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES init.ora parameter must be set to a value greater than 0. Hora displays a warning if this has not been done.

The dialog shows the following information:

Job number: (select one of the following two options)

Let Oracle choose a new value from sys.jobseq sequence

Enter your own job number into the edit box

"What", i.e. PL/SQL procedure to call. It must be terminated with a semicolon!

Next time the procedure will be called. Enter an expression that can be equated by PL/SQL to an Oracle DATE type. The combo box gives some valid examples. Remember that the appropriate syntax of this parameter depends on your NLS settings.

Interval, i.e. expression to compute a new value for "Next date" after the job has been executed. Enter a VARCHAR expression that can be equated to an Oracle DATE type. The combo box gives some valid examples. Again, the appropriate syntax for this parameter depends on the server's NLS settings.

The no parse check box  allows creating a job without parsing. In this case, the procedure call is not checked for validity when creating the job.

Press OK to perform the operation, or Cancel to quit.