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Object Privileges

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This modal dialog lets you grant privileges on the current object to another user or a role. It shows the following information:

Object privileges. The list box contains grantable object privileges (i.e. ALTER, DELETE, SELECT, UPDATE, ...) corresponding to the object type (i.e. TABLE). You can select multiple privileges from the list box. Or you can activate the All Privileges check box.

Owner and object name are read-only.

Grantee. Select a user name or role from the combo box. Activate the Grant Option check box to allow the grantee to forward the privilege to other users.

The Columns list box is only available if the current object type is TABLE. You can select a subset of table columns after the All Columns check box has been unchecked. By default, the privilege is granted at table level.

After the OK button is pressed, the operation is performed. The Cancel button closes the dialog without any action.