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Searching Oracle Online Documentation

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At the top of the Search section of the context menu in any Hora code window, or in the standalone SQL Editor, the Oracle Help menu item performs a search in the current release of the Oracle documentation on the Oracle website. It is similar to going to otn.oracle.com and choosing a release for which to view the documentation, then entering search criteria. It requires an active Internet connection.

For example, if you select any string, such as ALTER TABLE, that is indexed in the Oracle documentation, you are shown a list of books in which the string occurs. Clicking on a link underneath the book title brings you directly to the reference. From there, you can follow other hyperlinks that you encounter, view the Table of Contents of the current book, or proceed to the Documentation Home Page, from where you can access the HTML or PDF version of any book.

This feature is provided by Oracle for Server Releases 9.0.1 (9i Release 1) and up. If you are connected to an earlier version of the database, you will see the Version 9.0.1 documentation.