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Creating a Materialized View (Snapshot)

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This modal dialog can be called from either the Materialized View or the Database Links page, since a snapshot can be created either in the same database as the base tables, or in a local database, where the base tables are remote. It shows the following information:

Owner of the snapshot. You can select it from a combo box.

Snapshot name.

Tablespace. You can select it from a combo box.

Space percentages in a block

Percent free

Percent used

Extents in the segment

Initial size

Next size

Percent increase

Refresh mode:

Fast, Complete or Force


Enable Query Rewrite

On Prebuilt table

With reduced precision


Refresh timing:

Immediate or On Demand

For Immediate Refreshes:

Start with

Refresh next

Snapshot query


Press OK to create the snapshot, or CANCEL to back out.