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Estimate the space required by table

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This dialog allows you to estimate the table's disk space requirements. You can use the results to define storage parameters or to estimate storage space.

The combo boxes in the first line show owner and table name of the currently selected table in the calling dialog. You can change them to any other table without closing the dialog.

The database block size is a server constant. It cannot be changed once the database has been created.

The average size of a row can be estimated by three different methods:

The size is determined by the average row size of existing data. Assuming the table contains typical data, this method gives the best approximation. However, it might take some time, especially for large tables.

The size is determined from the maximum size of the table structure. The estimate returns the upper limit of the space requirement, since the actual data will not completely fill the structure to the limit.

The row size is determined from the table statistics. This method is much faster than scanning the data.

You can increase the number of rows and press the Calculate button. Consequently, you will see the estimated total size of the table data. Please note that this estimate does not include any index space requirements.