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Table Properties

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This dialog lets you view and change table properties, storage parameters, and table comments, and to rename the table. The following information is displayed:

Table name. Changing it renames the table.

Tablespace and cluster name (read-only)

Boolean states:

Has table been backed up since last modification

Is the table cached in the buffer cache

Is table locking enabled?

Space percentages in a block (Minimum free; minimum used)

Extents in the segment (Initial size, next size, % increase, minimum number, maximum number)

Table scanning (Instances; Instances per thread)

Number of Transactions (Initial, Maximum)

Number of freelists allocated in the segment (Process freelists, Freelist groups)

Statistics (Number rows, Used blocks, Empty blocks, Average free space, Empty blocks, Average row length). You can use the "Analyze.." button to analyze the table and actualize this information.

Table comments.

After you press the OK button, the operation will be performed. The cancel button closes the dialog without any action.