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Creating and modifying tablespaces

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This modal dialog lets you create a new tablespace or modify an existing tablespace. It now conforms to the SAFE (Simple Algorithm for Fragmentation Elimination) specification. For more information, see Oracle paper #711 on technet.oracle.com

The dialog shows the following information:

Table space name. The field is read-only if you are modifying an existing tablespace.

Status (Online/Offline)

Contents: Permanent, Temporary or (Oracle9i) UnDo

check box Extent Management Local (Oracle 8i)

check box Segment Space Management Auto (Oracle 9i)

Default storage parameters for extents in a segment. See the Oracle documentation and Oracle paper #711 on technet.oracle.com for more details.

Initial size (recommended: 128 K, 4 M or 128 M)

Next size (recommended equal to Initial Size)

Percent increase (recommended 0 %)

Min number

Max number (recommended 4096).

The following information is only visible while you are creating a new datafile. Otherwise, this part of the dialog is invisible.

Name of the data file. The combo box contains the file names already used. You can start by selecting an item and make some minor changes to force a unique name.

Size and unit of the data file.

After the OK button is pressed, the operation is performed. The cancel button closes the dialog without any action.