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Create Trigger

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This modal dialog lets you create a new trigger on the current table or view. It shows the following information:

Trigger name. The contents of the field are initialized with the table name and a suffix as follows:

_B (before) or _A (after), _I (instead of)

I (insert), U (update), D (delete)

R (row level trigger)

Triggering type

Select one item from a radio group: before, after, instead of, compound.

You can check any or all of insert, delete and update.

Check for each row to create a row level trigger.

Trigger columns (update trigger only)

Check the box all columns

Alternatively, select any subset of the table columns from the list box on the right side of the dialog.

Referencing old/new values as

WHEN condition.

After the OK button is pressed, the operation is performed and the code for the trigger is generated. The Cancel button closes the dialog without any action.