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This dialog is displayed to both

Create a new view and to

Modify (replace) an existing view.

If you wish to create a new view, you must enter the name of the view to be created. The edit box is read only if you are modifying an existing view.

You must check the corresponding box if you want to create the view with the check option. In this case, you may also specify a name for the constraint.

Comments on the view can be entered in the multi-line input box below.

You can define an alias for each column of the view. To do this, enter a comma-separated list of identifiers in the multi-line control if it has been enabled by the check box to the left of the caption.

Enter the select statement that defines the view in the editor window.

The SQL Query Builder is very useful for generating an initial select statement across multiple joined tables.

You can check the force creation box to force the creation of the view in case of an error.

After you press the OK button, the operation is performed. The Cancel button closes the dialog without any action.