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Automatic layout functions

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The automatic layout function will be called

After scanning a database schema to produce the initial layout

After defining a subset of tables and

After selecting the Subset | autolayout menu item.

Autolayout applies only to the active diagram (which could be the entire schema).

There are several options available for controlling the algorithm. In some cases, you will be prompted to confirm these options; otherwise you can change them using the Extras | Options menu item.



The Autolayout tab contains the following options:

The space and shape let you specify the number of pixels when setting:

Minimum horizontal space between two shapes

Minimum vertical space between two shapes

Shape width

Maximum shape height

Options controlled by check boxes

Show primary-key columns only instead of showing all columns. This will decrease the size of the entire diagram.

Show an icon beside each table column indicating the data type.

Ignore HORA_TEMPORARY. Do not include in the diagram any existing temporary tables used by Hora for dropping columns

Ignore PLAN_TABLE. Do not include any personal explain-plan tables.

Show foreign-key names next to the relation.

Automatically zoom the entire diagram after automatic layout completes. You may also enter a default zoom factor.

Red coloring of shape connections belonging to relationships defined with a cascading delete rule. Relationships are shown in gray if the corresponding foreign-key constraint has been disabled.

Automatic coloring of shapes. ER Diagrammer divides tables into eight groups and uses a different color for the shapes in each group.

Tables belonging to another schema may optionally be shown in gray.