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Representation of Tables

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The Entity Relationship Diagrammer shows the tables and their relationships to each other in strict conformance with the IDEF1X standard.

We can distinguish between two types of tables:

Tables that do not have any foreign-key relationships with another table are called Independent tables. In the diagram, they are represented as straight-cornered rectangles.

Tables containing a foreign key referencing another table are called Dependent tables. They are represented as rectangles with rounded corners.



The name of the table is placed above the rectangle, and column information is located inside it. A horizontal line divides this area into two parts:

Primary key columns

All other columns.

Each line contains the following information about a single column:

An icon that represents the data type of the column. It can be disabled through the auto-layout dialog.

the column name

the letters (FK) representing foreign key columns.

Also, through the auto-layout option, the display of columns can be limited to just those columns that form part of a key.