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Scanning an existing Schema

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You should start working with ER Diagrammer by scanning an existing database schema. There are two ways to begin:

Choose the Scan an existing schema option from the startup dialog or

Select the File | Scan schema menu item.

You are prompted to enter login information if you are not connected to the database. Next, a modal dialog allows you to select the database schema to be scanned:

Next, ER Diagrammer scans the Data Dictionary for table definitions and foreign-key relations. Depending on the size of the database this may take up to one minute or even more for a very large schema. Then the Diagrammer shows a diagram of the entire schema. The example below shows a portion of the entire schema in reduced-size window:




The automatic layout function arranges the table shapes in such a way as to create a structured ER diagram. You can repeat this algorithm with changed parameters (i.e. horizontal or vertical distance between shapes) using the Subset | Autolayout menu item. You can also move shapes manually to another position by dragging them with the left mouse button. Multiple shapes can be dragged at the same time by holding down the shift button when selecting them.