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Overview Database Links

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Overview Database Links is the default sheet. You see a list of all of the current schema's database links, including:

Database link name

Remote user name

Host name, i.e. Oracle Net service name that will be used to establish the connection to the remote server.

Creation time of the database link

The following context operations are available:


Create ...

Creates a new database link.



Drops the selected database link(s).


Show DDL

Generates DDL for the selected object to a file


Copy name to clipboard

Copies the name of the database link to the Windows clipboard.



Sends a Ping-Command to the database link.



Allows the user to change properties of an existing database link.


Grid View

For more information, see object window

The group box below the grid displays local database settings:

Global database name. Use the ellipsis button to rename the database.

Global names usage. Use the ellipsis button to alter the system parameter.

Number of open links per session. Oracle's default is four.

Number of open links per instance. Oracle's default is four.

Please check these settings if you are planning a link from a remote database to the local one. If the value of the "global_names" initialization parameter is TRUE, the name of each database link pointing to the local database must be the same as its global database name.