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The upper list displays all snapshots that use the current database link:

Snapshot owner

Snapshot name, i.e. the view used by users and applications for viewing the snapshot

Table name, i.e. table the snapshot is stored in

Master view, i.e. view of the master table, owned by the snapshot owner, used for refreshes

Master table owner

Next, i.e. date function used to determine the next refresh date

Master, i.e. name of the master table that this snapshot is a copy of

Master link, i.e. name of the database link to the master site

Start with, i.e. the date function used to compute next refresh dates

Query, i.e. the original query that this snapshot is an instantiation of

Refresh method, i.e. the values used to drive a fast refresh of the snapshot

The following context operations are available:


Create ...

Shows a modal dialog for creating a new snapshot through a database link.


Drop ...

Drops the snapshot.


Grid View

For more information, see object window


The editor below the grid displays the query defining the selected snapshot.