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Overview Java

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Overview Java views is the default sheet. It shows a tree view of the package structure of Java objects owned by the current schema. The tabs at the bottom of the page indicate whether each leaf node represents a

Java class

Java resource

Java source or a

Java data object.



The following context menu operations are available from the main grid:



Create Java ...

Shows the "Create Java" dialog, which provides a skeleton for creating Java source.


Drop ...

Drops the Java object


Load Java ...

Shows the Load Java dialog for loading a java object from a file.


Search ...

The Search dialog allows you to search Java objects for a given substring without regard to package affiliation.


Expand subtree

Expands the selected tree node.


Collapse subtree

Collapses the selected tree node.



The grid below the outline shows various detail information about the selected (leaf) node, depending on which tab is selected. For example, for the Class tab, the following is displayed:

Time of creation

Last DDL time

Time stamp

Validity of the Java object