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Source Code

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The left side of the window shows the object names from the Overview sheet, while the right side allows editing of the PL/SQL code.

The Most Recently Viewed combo box above the code window lists all PL/SQL objects viewed in the current session.

The Goto Proc. combo box to the immediate right allows rapid navigation between procedures and functions within a package specification or body.

To the right is a button with a >> sign. This allows a repeat find for either a highlighted procedure or function, or for any string that searched for once.

The code window incorporates the integrated editor features that are described separately here. You can also use the following features


Create or replace (F9)

Replaces the source code on the server with the contents of the source code editor.


to apply the editor changes to the server. Hora raises an exception if you try to replace a PL/SQL package that has been changed by another Oracle session.

If a compile error occurs, an alert box describing the error appears. Any lines with errors remain highlighted until the error is corrected.