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Overview Redo Threads and Initialization Parameters

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Overview Redo Threads is the default sheet. If you are running with the Parallel Server option, there may be more than one instance per database, and therefore, more than one redo thread. Otherwise, there will be only one redo thread. The upper list shows properties of each redo thread in the database:

Thread number





Open time

Current group number

Sequence number

Checkpoint change number

Checkpoint time

Enable change number

Enable time

Disable Change


The center panel shows information about archive log mode:

Log Mode

Archive change number

The list at the bottom shows information about the initialization parameters that are relevant to the redo log mechanism:

Parameter number

Parameter name


Not default, i.e. has the parameter been changed?

Type of parameter

Can the parameter be changed by an alter system command?

Can the parameter be changed by an alter session command?

Description of the parameter.

The values of the parameters can be changed in the init.ora file on the server. Additionally, some of the parameters may be modified by an ALTER SYSTEM command.

The context toolbar and the right mouse button popup menu allow the following operation:


Alter system parameter ...


Alters the value of the selected parameter for the whole database.



Alter session parameter...

Alters the value of the selected parameter for the current session.


Grid View

For more information, see object window