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Resource Plans

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The Resource Plans page, which is the default page for the Resource Manager, shows Resource Plans and their associated Consumer Groups.

The leftmost window (Navigator) on the left lists all resource plans hierarchically. Resource plans are also listed in the main grid, with clickable plus signs that open up information about Plan Directives.

The System Plan is provided by Oracle.

Before creating resource plans, you must create a pending area, using the Create Pending Area dialog. When modifying resource plans, you can use the Validate Pending Area dialog to examine the proposed changes, or the Submit Pending Area dialog to put the changes into effect.

You can create a new resource plan by selecting Create from the right mouse button's context menu in the Resource Plan window. This brings up the Create Plan dialog.

You can change which of several Resource Plans appears topmost in the Navigator window, and becomes the active plan for the current instance, by right-clicking in the Navigator to open the Top Plan dialog.

Finally, the Create Plan Directive dialog allows you create a new plan directive by right-clicking in the Directives window.

You may also drop one or more selected resource plans.