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The Policies page contains information about security policies that are in effect on objects in the current schema. These policies are put into effect with the DBMS_RLS.ADD_POLICY procedure, when it refers to a specific type of DML, schema, and object. An associated function defines an implied view that restricts access to the table, view or synonym.


Data shown on the Policies page has its origin in the ALL_POLICIES dictionary view. The following fields are shown:


Object owner

Object name

Policy function owner

Package containing the policy function

Name of the policy function

Types of DML for which the policy is in effect

Whether the check option is enforced for the policy

Whether the policy is enabled

The following context menu operations are available from the data grid. Please note that to create a new policy, the function must first have been defined:


Add policy

Invokes the sys.dbms_rls.drop_policy procedure to add a new policy.


Drop policy

Invokes the sys.dbms_rls.drop_policy procedure to drop the selected policy.


Show DLL...

Generates DDL for the selected object to a file.


Grid View

For more information, see object window.