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SQL Area

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This page allows monitoring of the SQL area. The grid at the top displays SQL statements held in the SGA, with the following statistics:

SQL text (first characters, with additional text available as a tooltip)

Shareable Memory

Persistent Memory

Runtime Memory


Version Count

Loaded Versions

Open Versions

Users Opening


Users Executing


First Load Time


Parse Calls

Disk reads

Buffer Gets


Command Type

Kept Version


Optimizer Mode

Parsing Schema

Parsing User

Rows processed

Serializable Aborts

Along the bottom of the grid are five tabs:

Buffer gets (sum) orders the grid by the column BUFFER_GETS in V$SQLAREA.

Buffer gets (average) orders the grid by the column Buffer Gets (Avg.) in the grid. This, in turn, is derived from BUFFER_GETS divided by the number of executions.

Memory usage orders the grid by the total of the columns SHARABLE_MEM, PERSISTENT_MEM and RUNTIME_MEM in V$SQLAREA.

CPU Usage shows statements that are currently consuming CPU resources, as shown by V$SESSTAT, where a non-zero value appears for the CPU used statistic.

All displays all SQL statements currently in the SGA ordered by BUFFER_GETS.


Double-clicking on a SQL statement in the grid will populate the lower window with a scrollable and executable (Ctrl+E) version.