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Overview Synonyms

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Overview Synonyms is the default sheet. This shows a list of all synonyms accessible to the current schema, regardless of the type of synonym. The object being referred to can be in the current schema, in the current database, or even in another database.


The following information is displayed:


Synonym name

Synonym status

Time stamp of synonym creation

Last DDL Time stamp

Type of the referenced object

Owner of the referenced object

Name of the referenced object

Database link to the referenced object

Note that the owner of the referenced object may be different from the current schema (the one selected in the schema selector box in the lower left corner of the screen.

At any one time, only synonyms owned by a particular schema are visible. To see public synonyms, you must select PUBLIC from the schema selector box.

The following context operations are available:


Create Synonym

Provides a modal dialog for creating a new synonym.



Drops the synonym.



Changes the synonym.


Show DDL

Generates DDL for the selected object to a file


Grid View

For more information, see object window