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Master/Detail Relations

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The form displays master/detail relations between the current table and other tables. The diagram shows all immediate parents and children defined by referential integrity constraints. To the left of the current table, you can see all of its parent tables, while the children are displayed on the right. A red line shows that the child table row will be deleted when its parent table row is deleted - in other words all COMPONENT_PRICE rows will be deleted with their associated COMPONENT row.

By double-clicking on any table, you can update the diagram to show the parents and children of that table.




The following context operations are available:

Find selected table

Updates the diagram to focus on the selected table and its related tables; also updates the currently selected table in the overview list.

Previous diagram

Updates the diagram to focus on the previously selected table, and points to it in the overview list.


Copies the diagram to the Windows Clipboard.