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The grid lists triggers for the selected table, including:

Firing order—the lower the number, the sooner the trigger fires. The relative firing order of triggers with the same number is unpredictable.

Trigger name

Trigger type, i.e. when the trigger fires - BEFORE or AFTER the event

Level: STMT or ROW (= for each row)


Valid (check box)

Enabled (check box)

Time stamps of creation and last DDL time

Trigger Owner



Using the plus sign to the left of the trigger list opens a sub-view which shows detailed information concering columns, dependencies and orderding used in the selected trigger. In the lower part the trigger code is presented in an editor window.



New in Hora 11 there is support for Compound Triggers. These are especially useful to avoid the mutating table error.

Right-Click-> Create... brings up the "Create Trigger" dialog.



The following context operations are available:


Edit in new window

Opens the trigger body code in a new editor window.



Shows a modal dialog for creating a new trigger. You can specify when the trigger should fire. The body will initially be empty (NULL); you can change it in the editor window.


Sequenced PK Trigger Wizard



Instead of Trigger Wizard



Mutating Trigger Wizard




Drops the selected trigger.



Compiles the trigger.


Compile debug

Compiles the trigger with debug options



Enables the highlighted trigger.


Enable all

Enables all the triggers for the table.



Disables the highlighted trigger.


Disable all

Disables all the triggers for the table.


Grid View

For more information, see object window


The trigger body code is displayed below the grid. The code  can be modified in this window and recompiled by pressing F9, or Create or Replace from the Toolbar or the context menu.

Clicking on the plus sign to the left of the trigger name produces the following additional information about the selected trigger:

Columns referenced by the trigger

Objects on which the trigger depends

Firing order definitions