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Overview Users

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Overview Users is the default sheet. It displays a list of all users in the database:

User name

User ID

Time stamp of creation

Default tablespace name

Temporary tablespace name

Resource profile name

Can the user connect with SYSDBA privileges ?

Can the user connect with SYSOPER privileges ?




The following context operations are available:



Shows a modal dialog for creating a new user. It appears with defaults gathered from the currently selected user.



Drops the selected user(s). You can check the Cascade option in the modal dialog to drop a user and all of his objects.



Shows a modal dialog for viewing and modifying properties of the user, including password, tablespaces, and profile.


Initial Consumer Group

Shows the Switch Consumer Group dialog, which allows switching the user to another Consumer Group,assuming that the connected user has this privilege.


Change Password

Shows a modal dialog for changing the password of the selected account.


Expire Password

Forces users to choose a new password the first time that they log in


Show DDL

Shows DDL to create this user with current privileges.


Lock account

Locks the selected account.


Unlock account

Unlocks the selected account.


Grid View

For more information, see object window