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Command line parameters

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Hora can be invoked using command line parameters. The parameters "user", "password" and "connect string," and optionally, AS SYSDBA or AS SYSOPER are entered in the command line after "Hora.exe."

In the following example, Hora is started with the user SCOTT and password TIGER using net service tcp_loopback. As when connecting via SQL*Plus, user and password are separated by a forward slash. Also note that because the path to the program contains a space, the executable name must be enclosed in double quotes.

"C:\Program Files\KeepTool\KeepTool 14\Hora.exe" SCOTT/TIGER@Tcp_loopback

Alternatively, you may navigate to the proper folder and enter only Hora.exe in place of the full path.


A user who has the SYSDBA or SYSOPER special system privileges may specify one of these at the end of the connect parameters, for example:

"C:\Program Files\KeepTool\KeepTool 14\Hora.exe" "SYS/CHANGE_ON_INSTALL@Tcp_loopback AS SYSDBA"

Note that both of these strings, since they contain spaces, must be enclosed in double quotes.

If the same database is used frequently and password security is not critical, you can simply place a shortcut for the complete command line on the desktop.