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Right-click menus

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Each data grid shows information about a specific database object. When you right-click on the grid, a context menu appears. Usually, each context menu item applies to the currently selected row in the grid. For example, you can click on a column definition and drop the column from the table.

(In some cases, as in the case of the Create context menu item, there is no reference being made to the current row in the grid.)

The context menu is also made available from the Object main menu. In either case, the choices depend on the type of information currently being displayed in the grid.

You can also access a subset of context operations (those with icons)from the Toolbar. Hora dynamically generates the appropriate buttons for the current display.

Many of the context menus contain a Data Grid item. See the topic entitled manipulating the data grid for more information.

Some object windows provide the Grid View item on their context menu. See the topic entitled object window for more information.