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Searching the schema

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You can use The Data Contents Browser to search all the tables of the schema for a string. Click the find_new22 button on the Toolbar to open the search dialog. Alternatively you can use the menu item "Schema | Search all tables in schema for string ...".

The opened modal dialog lets you search all table columns of the schema for a string. It shows the following information.

Search string. Any string you want to search.

Case sensitive search.

Search data types. Choose which type of column you want to search in. Note that "CLOB" only works case-sensitive.

Exclude partitioned tables. Excludes partitioned tables to speed up the search.

Exclude $-tables. Excludes tables containing a "$" in the name (often part of help tables).



In the next window you can see a list of all the tables containing columns of the chosen data types. Choose which table you want to be searched.



Afterwards the search results are displayed. A status bar shows the progress while searching.


The search results are displayed in a hierarchically tree view with a list of all tables containing the search string. The amount of rows containing the search string in the respective table are displayed to the right of the table name. Expanding the view will show the same for the respective columns of the table.

The green_plus and red_minus buttons on the bottom of the window allow complete opening/closing of the tree view.

Click the Print button to print the exact contents of the result window.

To issue an Excel-Export click the SpeedBar_157 button. Please note that the tree view will implicitly open completely before exporting.

Clicking the  "Browse Data Content" button will show the selected data in the data browser. Depending on the selection the relevant filter will be applied.