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Watching variables

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You can watch variables under the following conditions:

You have paused within a stored program unit. The variable watch is not available inside anonymous PL/SQL blocks.

You have compiled the stored object with the DEBUG option. You can do this by using the right-click context menu from the PL/SQL objects overview to compile them, or by using the ALTER...COMPILE DEBUG SQL command. You can compile both packages and package bodies with the debug option. You can compile triggers by right-clicking on the trigger list shown under the Triggers tab of the Tables page, or, for database triggers, under the Triggers tab on the Database page..

From PL/SQL Debugger's Variables menu item, as well as from the toolbar below it, the following operations are available:



Shows or modifies the value of a variable.


Add Watch

Prompts you to enter a variable name and adds it to the watch window. The Debugger updates its value each time that it stops


Remove Watch

Removes a variable from the watch window.


Watches can also be added or removed by right-clicking the Variable Watch window.